HC Trade Finance

Finance Trade with Ease

  • Enjoy real-time document sharing, instant reconciliation and automation through smart contracts.


  • Simplify IT infrastructure and lower operation cost.


HC Trade Finance provides you a platform for faster, secure and transparent open account trade . It digitizes the end-to-end trade process and unites all involved parties on a single network to drastically cut down processing time. New parties can be inducted by simply onboarding them to the network



  • Reduce processing time through secure, online exchange of documents and instant settlement
  • Manage working capital efficiently through live tracking of account balance
  • Real time reconciliation and information sharing with other parties on the network
  • Automatically reconcile transactions with other financial institutions
  • Automate critical business processes through smart contracts
  • Protect your data through encryption and blockchain immutability


  • Online Purchase Order and Invoice creation and exchange
  • Share Trade and Shipping documents securely through encryption
  • Customizable as per customer requirement
  • Banks can instantly verify and settle payments
  • Can be expanded to include other trading partners or banks